Promotion and Sales Service

As with all businesses we had to advertise and promote to attract sales and customers. The value for printed mediums is negligible compared to the exorbitant costs charged. The value we received using digital platforms to sell and promote our enterprises returned money in the bank and actual figures showing who was interested and following our products.

The number of newspapers that closed down during the COVID Pandemic after decades of operation even with the Federal Government funding support available, showed these are a failed business model.

We began small in 2016 and continue to grow… since 2016 has gone from paying to advertise and sell our products through international platforms, by building our own. We are an Australian owned and developed enterprise. Our Small Business origin was working 14 hour days and only making money with sales to customers. That is what drives our ethos delivering customer service and understanding the value of our customers spend with us.

CONTACT us today and know you will be listened to and if our service can assist you we will tell you so. If not we can refer you on to some one who has helped us grow and prosper. Thank You for your time and attention Geoffrey Dening Founder

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