To my Clients and Supporters since 2016, You were right. Thank you. Not listed in the South Australia digital platform? Contact us now. Looking forward to the Australian Small Business Champion Awards Presentation evening celebrating the success of Australian small business. rescheduled from Saturday 21st March at The Star Event Centre, Sydney to the 29th of August 2020. Following three fantastic days away in Adelaide for the 9th Space Forum, followed by the Moon to Mars Consultation. Which includes a day’s travelling there and back. Being a rural based small business operator everything is far away. What is a bonus is much of what you are told is a “must do!”, is not. Usually it is another purported training seminar or awareness program that acknowledges something which is lacking in SME operation. The reason it is not lacking in a major corporation or government department’s operations, is the principals of the business are not doing all of the hands on work as well as everything else. The disconnect between the assistance on offer and its practical effectiveness is never quantified in the data recorded. Sure the information is valuable and informs. It does not make it any easier for a SME operator who, is already putting between 12 and 15 hours a a day into their enterprise, enact the improvement. The Space Forums are the epitome of what enterprise is. Too new to be encumbered by operators who provide services not activity and products. It is a rarity at this event to meet people who do not, create, build and do.

The full list of the 12 Finalists in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards 2020 Great to have made it to this level from the last 4 years of working away steadily and unwavering in focus from day one in 2016 ??

1) All in IT Solutions – All in IT Solutions provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to managing your IT. We take care of everything so you can focus on growing your business.
2) Blended Digital – Premium Marketing Automation Consulting Company | We Blend & Simplify Technology Around Customers | Feeling disconnected? Let’s Blend Today!
3) Customer Consulting Group – Providing technology-based solutions that help small & medium businesses find & nurture more customers, increase productivity & mobilise their workforce.
4) DigiGround – DigiGround is an award-winning Sydney app development agency offering digital solutions management, digital marketing
5) Digital First Australia – Digital First is a leading consultancy. We implement change in organisations seeking to move operations into new technology platforms.
6) – Australia in the palm of your hand
7) Jezweb – WordPress Website Design and SEO provides WordPress websites, graphic and web design, hosting, search optimisation & content writing.
8) PixelForce – Looking for the best web and mobile app developers in Adelaide? PixelForce is your answer for app development, custom websites, web design, and more.
9) Spicy Broccoli Media – Graphic Design Sydney – If you’re looking to rise above the noise, look no further than our brilliant award winning creative agency for your Logos, graphic design
10) Sydney ICT – provides a wide range of services from web hosting, domain names, VPS hosting and even website design.
11) Teko – Teko are a team of creative thinkers & doers that work closely with companies, brands and start-ups to create, deliver and implement innovative digital solutions
12) Triumph Business Systems – Triumph is a fully integrated entry-level ERP accounting solution for small and medium sized Australian businesses, available in the cloud or on premise.

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