Our Ecosystem began with apps in 2016


In today’s digital climate, people are finding information on their mobile phones and devices, not looking for brochures and pamphlets. The South Australia digital ecosystem was published in April 2019 including App to Google and Apple stores. Following our first travel information App “Robe SA” published in August 2016.  Followed by “The Great Ocean Road Victoria”, We discontinued the  “Kangaroo Island SA”, Limestone Coast and “Barossa Valley SA” apps in 2021. A Finalist in the 2020 and 2021 Australian Small Business Champion Awards-Information Technology. Our ecosystem has earnt international recognition. Goingtoplaces.com presented the ecosystem to the ASEAN Tech Challenge in 2018 and Taiwan Tourism Innovation Awards in 2019.

After setting up and developing a successful accommodation business in 2012, the close association with guests gave an invaluable insight into their needs as tourists. The need for information on available businesses, products and directions to places and sights in Australia was a regular service that I supplied. My guests, 80% international travelers, were looking for a digital information product and this insight led to developing an Australian Web-App-Social media eco-system covering all businesses and services https://southaustraliaapp.com .



Finding local enterprises, places to shop, eat, drink, services, or visit and find various activities or sights to see — in and around Australia. An ecosystem of platforms for people to find businesses, accommodation, restaurants, shops, entertainment, events and health/community services. As well as a guide to places to go and things to see and do all included, hiking or walking adventures to historic sights and natural parks. 

Every search is tailored to a simple topic and ease of use to find what you want.

Contact us to get your business, event or service listed in the app for your state, region or town.

Maybe you’ve got an idea for your own location or enterprise?

It’s easier than you think!

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