The beginning, always thinking globally

Airbnb has been a revelation in my life establishing a totally new future. The success of my hosted bnb, included the inspiration and income that made an idea’s possibility, become a reality. My Guest’s did not come to my location for the accommodation, they traveled for the experiences unique to South Australia. Over the last three years of market exposure with the town and regional apps published, the data obtained showed what was wanted by travelers. The South Australia app was publicly launched at the TiCSA SA Tourism Conference in May. We put “South Australia in the palm of your customers hand” My Tourism and Experiences app ecosystem has now began the next stage of growth.

The promotion of isolationist attitudes is completely at odds with the reality of what works. When you put up walls or choose to not open the doors, the result is exhausting all of the market resources available. In particular the people who are the customers that make trade possible. 461K international visitors alone come to South Australia. That is a 30% increase of the total resident population, available as customers. In addition there is International Education with 17% annual growth in new money into SA from the international education industry. Increasing spending into education, retail, hospitality, property, tourism and agribusiness industries from this growth. Private enterprise is being invigorated by a new generation who are unaffected by the scars of last centuries failures. The only way to grow is to stop basing progress on residents and accept that the visitor market is what makes infrastructure construction possible to benefit all.

In mid 2018 Austrade contacted me to with an offer to submit my products for consideration to be presented to international trading partners. So even though there was no international products developed a tthat time they were in the pipeline. Receiving approval from Austrade this followed with presenting at the ASEAN Tech Challenge in 2018 and Taiwan Tourism Innovation Awards in 2019. The work and effort was rewarded with established contacts and international interest to build on, as well as the domestic market. Thank you for your time and attention.

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