After the initial assessment, have been informed our Australia App presentation qualified to the preliminary round. One of six Australian businesses who made submissions. 2% of the total 374 contestants who have progressed on to the next round are international entrants! These invitations are much sought after and the third time I have submitted the Australia App and global digital ecosystem project. Each time have passed through to the second round and not continued. This is a benchmarking exercise for The idea has been published as a Minimum Viable Product and worked. Being able to get the attention and support internationally is the only way to scale up innovation enterprise on a global scale

HICOOL Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship
Competition takes “Connect Startups Worldwide, Innovate
Beijing Together” as the theme, and sets 5 competition areas
(continent) and 16 competition locations (country) around the
world to collect outstanding startups. Entry channels for local
projects are opened so as to compete together with the
overseas startups on the same stage. It sets 140 Winning
Awards and 20 Talent Scout Awards with the total prize up to
100 million yuan

#entrepreneurship #australia

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