Goingtoplaces.com was established in 2016, by CEO and Ecosystem Designer Geoffrey Dening.
Today a national leader, developing and building our own digital enterprise platforms. Using my
award-winning ecosystem of websites, apps and social media IP, to develop and build our global
trading innovations. We now include analysing and making viable underperforming digital
enterprises and platforms effective and doing what the founders planned.
Beginning with advertising and selling our products through international platforms, we learnt from the
best to build our own. We are an Australian enterprise. Our business origin was working 14 hour
days and delivering quality service and products.
That is what drives our ethos, delivering to our customers and understanding the value of their
spend with us.
CONTACT us today and know you will be listened to and if our service can assist you we will tell you
Geoffrey Dening Goingtoplaces.com

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