The national wine ecosystem developed in the past two years has been accepted in the 2020 FOMENT Accelerator program. Preparations for starting the 2020 Accelerator next week are almost completed. With technology solutions ranging from customer engagement, AI, crop health, ecommerce solutions and more, it is great to be one of the businesses and founders that will complete this year’s Accelerator Program. Our Wine Problem Solution Video

Our digital Ecosystem integrated with TradeAI’s commodity sales and booking platform will provide Australia’s global wine and tourism sales platform.

Delivering a phased approach driving innovation in wine sales and tourism which will culminate in pioneering trading corridors. Building on established connections to trading hubs, in UK, EU and China.

Local and global wine and tourism tech companies to join world first accelerator, FOMENT
FOMENT is on a mission to shape the future of the wine and tourism industries, in Australia and around the world. The latest announcement to come out of the South Australian-based partnership between Wine Industry Suppliers Australia, Hydra Consulting and Flinders University New Venture Institute is the 14 successful companies who have joined the FOMENT 2020 Accelerator Program.
While the majority are based in South Australia, the program will be joined by participants based in the UK, USA, France, Victoria and Western Australia, a feat which highlights the demand for technology development and adoption in the wine, tourism and wine tourism tech sectors around the world. 2019 and 2020 have presented unprecedented challenges wine and tourism, making apt technology more important than ever to support from the ground up.
FOMENT’s Accelerator Program will not only help each participating tech startup to develop their business model and growth strategy over the month-long course, but connect them to networks in both the wine and tourism sectors. These connections are designed to outlast the program’s duration, and posit valuable feedback on each company’s solution, for better integration into the sector. As emphasized by FOMENT facilitator Darren Oemcke:
“FOMENT works with companies that enable our great tourism and wine businesses. We want these enabling technologies to be endemic to Australia so that we’re proficient in production and logistics, we’re more successful in applying technology and we’re more engaged with consumers than anywhere else in the world.”
With technology solutions ranging from customer engagement, AI, crop health, ecommerce solutions and more, these are the companies and their founders that will complete this year’s Accelerator Program:
Going to Places, Geoffrey Dening – SA
Airguides, Bibi Jellema – VIC
Cognivocal, Andre Alcantra – VIC
Cyunity, Armando Hurtado – USA
The Epicurean Group, Josh Ingham – VIC
Borough Street Analytics, Grant Baker – SA
RGX Systems, Alex Nedeltchev – FRANCE
Deep Planet, David Carter – UK
E-Bottli, Nathalie Taquet – SA
Elfstone, Vikram Devdas – CANADA
Digital Door, Angela Conroy – NZ
Grant Baker of Borough Street Analytics said of the opportunity to join FOMENT,
“The importance of understanding the of intricacies both the wine and tourism industry is a critical success factor in the success of our business and our go to market strategy. Add to this a credible referral path to business’ that we want to work with informed our decision to delay the launch of the new platform to post completion of the Foment program”
Proudly supported by the South Australian Government’s Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), Wine Australia, Barossa Australia and the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Scheme, FOMENT 2020 Accelerator Program will run over four weeks as a unique virtual and in-person format given the current travel limitations to South Australia.
The program includes a Barossa Immersion Week, to help each company find out first-hand the needs of one of the world’s capitals for wine and tourism.
FOMENT’s Accelerator Program will commence on October 6th.

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