On Friday 23rd February, my application as the founder of goingtoplaces.com was accepted into the Flinders University – Venture Dorm, part of eNVIsion Limestone Coast, beginning in April 2018. A purpose built incubator in the southeast of South Australia delivering born-global and export focused new ventures. Since the success of attending the SouthStart Entrepreneur Expo in July 2017 it has been very hectic behind the scenes of the app development at goingtoplaces.com.au. The creation, development and planning which has gone into the business since 2016 has been extensive, now it has proven its worth again.
Last Wednesday I was part of the TechChat event at the Department of Innovation, Industry and Science in Adelaide which was realised from being part of the Digital Industry support that came from Flinders University. Living 350 kilometers from the state capital and relatively isolated from the resources which are available, it is great to finally get access to some at last that are close (120 km) by country living standards.
The eNVIsion Incubator is a collaborative, co-working space. Working at eNVIsion connects your business to a global network and a wealth of expertise that can help you to achieve your goals.
Blending a vibrant, collaborative work space with award-winning startup and innovation programs, eNVIsion helps your new venture to be globally competitive.
The Venture Dorm Pre-Accelerator Program is a hands-on, and immersive experience that is perfect for all kinds of new founders

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