Getting things done is what drives my business. Every thing else is superficial, be it media, social functions, accolades and recognition. It is the results gained which fund and grow enterprise. When promoting becomes the raison d’ĂȘtre and comments posted the fuel for purpose, it is time to stop what you are doing. Sharing information, marking milestones are nice to do. Being successful in the digital era still comes down to what tangible results are achieved. Namely food on your table, a roof over your head and clothes for comfort.

South Australia app ecosystem in 2019 983,482 square kilometres of unique experiences, “in the palm of your hand” connecting the world to South Australia. Disruption is not chaos and disobedience. In digital enterprise it is calculated, planned and well executed solutions to improve today what is now stalled in delivering it’s result.

The digital platforms of today are what garages were to blacksmiths when the automotive industry transformed transport and delivery in the previous century. Today accommodation, shopping and more are being transformed by the communication capability if the Internet industry. The history of the planet is one of evolution and this is the one constant since time immemorial. At the minute those who have invested and are committed to the prior model of trading are fighting to maintain their status. Empty store fronts, that is not through a lack of trading opportunities. It is landlords refusing to change with the times. Holding on to the past is a personal choice to remain in one era. Reality will show, just as the market for horses and carts continued to diminish, business flourished globally. Change is not coming it has happened.

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