The past five weeks of activity in the Limestone Coast New Venture Institute Accelerator in Mount Gambier have been a rapid learning experience. With the other nine participants we are all gaining valuable business improvement. With several established businesses as well as newly formed ideas into businesses models the venture Dorm is doing exactly what was envisaged.

The benefit of having active business manager as the Accelerator co-ordinator Louise Nobes founder and CEO of KIK Innovation. Combined with mentors who are successful and active founders is especially relevant. Academic knowledge and structure is not how every day business operates. To date we have been given the insights and active support of Paul Huxtable Designer and Business Developer. Extensive global experience. Created hundreds of products in multiple sectors, founded NINE Startups, exporting to over 60 countries. This week included Leila Henderson, Tech Founder; Kondotto; MGM Wireless (NED); Newsmaker; COTA (Director); Preetio. Leila is a successful IT entrepreneur and former journalist and public relations specialist.

Independent businesses succeed because people make the effort to start and operate in the first place. Today the speed of communication mediums available,  affordability of connecting with the general populace and the associated market place, putting the effort into the learning process is not wasted you get a direct return almost immediately.

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