It has taken some time to catch up on the internal workload caused by an unexpected hiatus in 2017. What has been vital is to get access to high quality visual images and editorial of South Australia to use in our evolving app designs. In January our application to access and use the material in the Media Gallery was approved by the SATC. All images, maps, video footage, logos and editorial text contained in the Media Gallery are to be used solely for the positive promotion of South Australia as a tourism and travel destination. Now with this available the following weeks will be very busy as temporary reference material is replaced with the assets now available.

The recent release of the Limestone Coast app contained some errors in reference material and attribution links. Whilst this is being corrected as fast as possible once again the stability of our app platform and ease of update is coming to the fore. Since our very first app was published in 2016 we have never had an issue with software failures. In covering the regional areas and developing an accurate and concise coverage of the many locations time has always been limited. With the base app templates published and operational the content and editing improvements can begin in earnest.

 Our first use of the SATC Media Gallery enabled a much improved update to the Limestone Coast app. 

The disparity between independent websites of organised associations and community bodies information is a part of the adventure in a travelers discoveries. Our apps do not try to homogenise the information. It is vital to contain the individual and unique language of various contributors. Providing the links with in the specific app enables a direct access to the author and publishing web site. Putting as much of this as possible into the localised apps is part of our vision. Therein providing a central reference resource that can be returned to with ease when exploring the source of information provided in the apps.

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