No complaints about 2020 here, every day the sun rises and goes down. As busy as always in some areas and even busier in others. A marked increase in our online product sales has surpassed the losses of accomodation bookings.

The trip to Sydney for the Australian Small Business Champion Awards night has been postponed again. Now scheduled for the 28th of November. Being a Finalist in the Information Technology catagory has been motivation enough since it was first announced in February 2020. Covid has affected the final result being announced at a celebratory event to date. Twice rescheduled it is not the end of the world dear readers simply a part of the seriousness of the pandemic.

Our platform and ecosystem development has continued and is on schedule. The new facets of a global commodity trading platform has been realised. An association with Trade AI will be the base for this much needed function. Delivering sales for exporters and domestic trade in commodities. The Booking platform is now in developement. Expanding it to provide an inclusive sales avenue for Australian businesses is integral to its purpose.

Other activity has included setting up a community blockchain. Establishing a regional business accelerator and development hub is underway also. All of these were ideas that have taken at least two years of steady progress to start. That it happens to be in 2020 is no more than a time stamp of progress not a reason.

There is more happening but that can wait for another time to pass on. Getting things done is what shows progress is real. Sharing it is good for raising awareness. This global pandemic has not stopped our planet from turning, It has cleared away the cover for a lot of irrelevant operations and inefficiencies.

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