September 2021

We hired to invigorate and establish our underperforming digital social media and sales platforms.  Facebook Page Reach in week one went from zero to 958, an increase of 438.2%. After 4 weeks our Facebook Page Reach was at 8,835 an increase of 12.5K%. Instagram Reach in 4 weeks went from 2 to 740 an increase of 36.9K%!

Website results before began on the 3rd of August 2021 for the month of July follows;

1st July to 2nd August  514 Sessions, increase 0.78%  446 Visitors, DECREASE 5.51%  1808 Page Views, increase 16.2% 

After 4 weeks of management the following results achieved!

3rd August to 31st August.  848 Sessions increase 72.71%  740 Visitors increase 73.71%  2847  Page Views increase 76.61% 

The personal service and business understanding of in delivering an individually crafted program for my business was vital investment in our future. 100% recommend using the program for any retail, wholesale or manufacturing enterprise whose digital platforms are not successful.

At the end of September 2021, still in lockdown, Vtackle had doubled the 2020 gross sales figure. October is on track to deliver the same result. Invigorating existing customers and adding new customers to our retail sales with the digital platform promotion and sales program.

Vince Todarello, CEO Vtackle Australia.

Derrimut, Victoria.

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