Currently a new travel app is in development. At the same time we are growing further, following our initiative into providing apps for businesses, events and organisations.

The market for mobile Apps is growing at an exponential rate, with annual global mobile app downloads reaching over 265 billion. The growing trends in mobile applications is not for people to play games on their phones. The trend is for shopping and purchasing products. In addition to direct revenue, there are also marketing and branding benefits from having your own business app. At this point, almost every major retail store and many restaurants have launched free applications. Smaller businesses are at risk of missing out because of the simple reality of having to do everything. is a business that grew from another full time small business in accomodation. That is why your needs are understood, we have first hand experoience inhaving to do everything. As well as the never ending sales ptches of people telling us why we will benefit from their product. All which cost money and had no defined return until after using it first. Your business App is what will be driving customer loyalty and walk-in traffic through tiny billboards
carried in customers wallets, pockets and hands.

If you have a facebook page or a website that is already supported by your custmers the base is established to make having your own app feasible. Do you have 100 customers who spend $10 per month with your business? If that is something that you say yes to then our apps are cost effective and available to incorporate into increasing your customers to make you the first choice of purchase.

For $2500 using our established problem free templates your business app is designed developed and published. Including direct messaging to your customers phones, product display, in app purchasing and more are standard function we provide.

Contact us today and ask your questions we are happy to assist in you makingthe best choice for your profit. Thankyou for your time and attention


Geoffrey Dening


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