This week I accepted the offer of a place in the Venture Catalyst program, supported by the University of South Australia. For the next 6 months it will be great to be have the access to facilities and global expertise not available in regional SA. Part of why the Moonshots initiative is so important as a contribution to the District and Regions businesses and innovators is the development of industry and services to invigorate growth.
Isolation by distance is not an obstacle if you make the effort to engage with the people and industry outside of your geographical location. If what you do is practical and even better showing it is viable the success will follow.

It is not some ‘magic dust’ or secret formula to succeed. If you are leaning on that brace yourself for the cold hard slap of reality hitting as you fall. I am fat, fifty and flying because of doing the work, not whining about unfair ‘anything’ …!? making my idea earn income and finally, engaging with people and enterprises out of my comfort bubble.
Thanks to my team I have built since 2016, still going onward and upward.

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