There’s a new generation of customers using mobile almost exclusively for contact, search queries and purchases. How do you service these mobile customers? With a mobile friendly website or a mobile app? That should not be the question: you urgently need both.

Your first step into mobile should be a mobile friendly or even a responsive website because only a website will keep you in Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). Google wants to see more mobile friendly websites and is presenting these sites higher in its result pages. And you don’t want to miss the ever growing mobile search volumes, do you?

But to service the demanding mobile customer? A responsive website just won’t do the job. You also need an app.

Why do you need a mobile app?

You need an app because app users have proven to be more valuable customers. Where a responsive website will keep you in Google´s SERP, mobile apps are the preferred channel of returning customers or frequent visitors. According to a survey of Nuance Communications*, 1-in-3 people say they will even use their mobile phone in-store to find information rather than ask an employee.

What would be easier for these customers? Open a browser, wait for connection, type in the url and browse their way through a website? Or simply tap to open the app and find everything you could possibly ask for, right at your fingertips?

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